Royal Rabbits Club Play 2 Earn Games

Royal Rabbits Club has pioneered a play-to-earn game in the Sandbox, making it more exciting to earn in the Metaverse!

The Sandbox is a virtual environment where players can play, build, own and monetize their virtual experiences. We have engineered our first game for the Metaverse to give our community the play-to-earn experience.

The games being added are another important building block to our ecosystem because it allows holders of the Royal Rabbits to play and to compete for 20% of the royalties that have accumulated from the trading of Rabbits on the open market.

The RRC Art Gallery

The virtual art gallery of Royal Rabbits Club will be scheduled on Web 3.0.

This is the next era of transparency where all the users will be able to see endless resources, content and agreements that are also accessible to everyone. The virtual art gallery of Royal Rabbits Club consists of all the unique pieces of the 7777 collections.

Our official land within the metaverse will be used as the location for our virtual art gallery. Every holder of the tokens will be able to showcase the art of their Royal Rabbits available for anyone to see.

This boundless place can be a great tool in bringing together like-minded people and creating strong means of networking opportunities.

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